yarn bombers
“Visit Scotland”, it said. So we did…

The Bollard (and Chicane) Protection Authority, or B(AC)PA was formed by a group of concerned street furniture lovers who felt that bollards (and chicanes) were being unfairly blamed. Bollards (and chicanes) do a sterling job of keeping cars and other motorised traffic out of cycle paths, and cutting through traffic. But when badly sited and designed they act as a hazard to cyclists and visually impaired pedestrians. We have tried to draw attention to badly sited and effectively invisible bollards in the past, but local authorities have failed to act. So, with the help of some brightly coloured and retroreflective yarn, we have decided to take matters into our own hands.

Do you have a cycle path that could do with a yarn-based intervention? Could you form a local branch of B(AC)PA in your area? You can contact us on bacpauk AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m sure if council do as they threaten and remove as litter they will have endless warning signs, flashing lights, hi viz clothing and safety helmets to protect the location whilst they are doing so!
    The Council should put their efforts into dealing with real roadside litter.
    Keep up the good work


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