Pity the humble bollard (and chicane). Standing as sentinels to the entrances of our foot and cycle paths – unloved, lonely and reviled. All they wanted to do was keep out the vehicles that did not belong. But because some of them lacked a little colour and contrast, rendering them difficult to see, especially at night – they are collided with by the very unwary travellers they sought to protect. Derided as ugly, unloved, overlooked – they are the street furniture only a mother can love.

The Bollard (and Chicane) Protection Authority acts to protect bollards (and chicanes) wherever it finds them. Lovingly knitting them cosies and wraps, tucking them up so they are safe and warm, and above all visible, we swoop on cities and towns across the UK – wherever we are needed most, and wherever we are least expected.

Support us in our work! Could you adopt a bollard (or chicane)? Can you knit or crochet a cheerful retroreflective bollard cosy – or craft a chicane wrap? We need knitters and crocheters across the country to take up their needles and act now …

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